Friday, 27 November 2015

SRM Poll!

To all my readers, I would like to start with a big THANK YOU.  Thank you, for your interest and participation on my geoengineering analysis.  I hope this has intrigued you and made you consider geoengineering as a solution to mitigate climate change impacts.  I hope you have enjoyed the journey until now. 

In my next blogs I have decided to move away from SRM processes and begin to analyse Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) as a geoengineering process. 

However, before doing so, I would be ever so grateful if you could take part in a quick poll.  This poll regards your opinion on the SRM processes presented.  I have also added an  ‘Other-Please Comment’ option if you think any other SRM process may be effective which I have not included.  If so please let me know.  Also if you wish, please feel free to add a reason on why you chose a specific answer, it would be much appreciated!

 It would be of great help as I aim to work on a post in the near future regarding your opinions on geoengineering.  It would also be amazing to know if I have changed your opinions in any way.

I have added some illustrations I thought were entertaining relating to SRM processes.  I hope they jolt your mind!
Comic source regarding geoengineering SRM processes
Source: Code Green

Humans trying to hide the Sun, indicated through a large nuclear gun- suggesting a chemical change in the atmosphere through SRM processes
Source: Climateviewer


  1. Hi Maria! Great poll - I think we should definitely be investing in green roofs as a method as they additionally will be beneficial for ecology too! I'm not convinced by the other methods... Looking forward to the next part of your blog on CDR!

    1. Hi Celia! Thank you for your input! It is much appreciated!

  2. SRM Bad:

    1. Hi thank you for your post. A very interesting article with a lot of insight.